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Coaching Services

Change isn’t easy and it can be difficult to achieve alone. I help individuals change the patterns and behaviors that limit their life so they can unlock their potential, accomplish their goals, and achieve a life of fulfillment and joy. 

I use a 5-Step Coaching process with my clients. 


It’s not easy sharing parts of your life with a stranger so we’ll start by getting to know each other so you can feel comfortable throughout the process. 


We’ll spend some time identifying what a fulfilling life looks like for you. In order to attract something new into our lives, we have to have a clear picture of what that looks like.

Goal Setting

Building on forward momentum we’ll identify a clear goal based on what you’d like to achieve.


This is one of the most important steps. Achieving your goal requires action and commitment. We will focus on two main areas, eliminating the things that do not serve you or fit the new vision of your life as well as creating habits and a way of life that serves your new vision and helps you achieve your goal.


Change doesn’t happen overnight so I recommend dedicating at least 6 months to the coaching progress. I’ll be here to hold you accountable for what we discuss during the whole process. 

  • 45 min

    150 US dollars
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